Long time ago since my last post.
After 6 month from idea to finish
my new project: vipmeup.

What is it all about?

Simple idea: Buy the Landing Page for at least 2 hours and promote yourself, a product, a company or just say hello to the world.
It starts at 1 EUR. And grows by 1 EUR each person*. If you got overbidden, you will remain in the Hall of Fame where you will stay for ever!

For whom I did this?

Artists, Lawyers, Freelancers, Actors, Companies, Products, Pets…you name it!

THE BEST: Half of the money will go to charity organizations. And the whole web decides to which organization it should go to.

What is the sense behind this project?

Imagine, the site gets known worldwide. And you are on that page. The best advertisement you can get, right?
If you try to get famous over facebook, youtube or whatever…you have one problem: There are a lot of other people trying to do the same stuff as you do.
How many people are on facebook? 800 million.
How many will be on our page? Maybe 600…maybe 10. We are not into it! It depends on the web how far this project will get.

Sure, you have to invest a little bit of money on our “vip me up platform” BUT you are very exclusive on our page.

And who knows, maybe a new star gets born on vipmeup.

For me it is a WIN WIN WIN situation.

First Win: we raise a lot of money for charity.
Second Win: you will have an exclusive platform to advertise.
Third Win: we will get paid for our development effort and server hosting costs.

But check it out on your own. Go to vip me up.

*the bid steps are:

  • 1 EUR – 500 EUR –> bid step 1 EUR
  • 510 EUR – 1.000 EUR –> bid step 10 EUR
  • 1.100 EUR – 10.000 EUR –> bid step 100 EUR
  • 11.000 – 100.000 EUR –> bid step 1.000 EUR
  • and so on…